This year we invite age groups:

Clubs and national teams will play in the same groups

CLUBS age groups

Group E – born 2008 or younger (Boys & Girls)

Group D – born 2007 or later (Boys & Girls)

Group C – born 2005 or later (Boys & Girls)

Group B – born 2003 or later (Boys & Girls)

Group A – born 2001 or later (Boys & Girls)

SENIOR TEAMS (MENS) only 1st league teams will be able to participate

Group C – born 2006 or later (Boys & Girls)
Group B – born 2004 or later (Boys & Girls)
Group A – born 2002 or later (Boys & Girls)

-    Minimum participants of the team are 12 players and 2 staff members
-    Each player may only play for one team in one category
-    Teams can use only water-based resin.

Game play and EHF rules exceptions:
(All games are played inside the sports halls 40 x 20m)

-    Groups C, D, E Play 2x 20min, 2min exclusion
-    Groups B, A      Play 2x 25min, 2min exclusion
-    Seniors.            Play 2x 30min, 2min exclusion
-    Each team has 2 time-outs per half time, during time-outs the clock will be running, except in the last 5min of the game time
     (the rule does not apply for senior teams)
-    Half time pause lasts 5min – (senior teams half time lasts 10min)

The order of involved teams is to be decided by:
-    Points
-    Points (head to head)
-    Difference in goals (head to head)
-    Goals scored (head to head)
-    Drawing of lots

The first two teams from each group in the same category are going to the playoffs.

*in the case of 5 teams in one category, there will be no playoff, therefore the final score on points will decide who is the winner.

We guarantee that each team will be able to play at least 4 games.

Ball sizes by groups (B-boys, G- girls):
-    IHF size 3 – SENIORS, A(B), B(B)
-    IHF size 2 – C(B), B(G), A(G)
-    IHF size 1 – D(B), C(G)
-    IHF size 0 (resin-free) – E, D(G)

-    Referees will be nominated by the organizer; all referees will be an active participant of either EHF or IHF

The final match schedule will be sent by e-mail and posted on our web site by 20.8.2021

-    Medals will be awarded to the top three teams in each age group.
-    Trophy’s will be awarded in each age group to:
-    winning team
-    top scorer in the tournament
-    best player of the tournament - MVP
-    best goalkeeper of the tournament

-    All teams and competitors participate at their own risk. In accordance with the registration provisions all competitors agree to assume all responsibility for themselves, thereby all other parties, including the organizer, are exempt from any direct or indirect liability. The organizer does not accept any liability for any expenses, including travel expenses, expenses for the entry into and the departure from Slovenia, team accommodation expenses (also before the tournament), general and medical care expenses (e.g. hospital expenses), liability damage expenses etc. All these costs must be covered by individual clubs and teams themselves.


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